UX/Visual Design
fsharp portfolio mockup.png


Role: UX

What I did: researched/created a persona and customer journey, ideating, concepting, and wireframing


UX for Frequency, an F Sharp company. By leveraging Dynamic Audio, advertisers can personalize audio creative to target audiences in near real time. 

Throughout this project, I had to identify key players in the audio advertising space, including audio producers, clients/advertisers, production companies, voiceover talent, and copywriters, research how this platform would best serve their needs, and design potential new features.  


I began by researching and creating an Audio Producer Persona, determining industry standards and what audio engineers in the advertising space would need and look for when recording, mixing, and editing audio spots. 


I then created a Customer Journey for creating audio spots all the way from concepting to approval, mapping out the entire workflow for collaboration between a team of clients and production company. 

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 7.02.16 PM.png

A mockup of what a future Metrics Analysis Report for AdStudio might look like. The idea is to give brand managers a quick analysis of performance and optimization insights for their Audio Campaign. I decided to emphasize metrics such as total plays, clicks, and clickthrough rate.


This a mockup of what a future Audio Spot Script Editor might look like from the copywriter's perspective. Here, copywriters can review client feedback, see how much time has elapsed in their script, change the variation of the audio spot, and have the script be read back to them along with a music bed.