UX/Visual Design
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American University in Cairo

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In 2020, the American University in Cairo will be celebrating its centennial, marking 100 years since its founding. AUC needed a centennial website to serve as a destination for visitors to learn more about its history, strategic future, and celebratory events, as well as opportunities for donor, alumni, and student engagement.

As a part of a tight-knit team with a strategist, developer, producer, and visual designer, I was solely responsible for the creation of the wireframes and structural design for this project.

AUC Final moodboard1.png
AUC Final moodboard2.png

To determine the visual direction for the client, we created inspirational moodboards. The aesthetic for the Centennial website would be forward-facing and edgy, playing with visual elements such as the grid, bold type, vibrant color, and tension between imagery and form.

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Stories Landing-1.png
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The wireframes underwent three iterations. They laid the foundation for a grid system for various editorial pieces featuring AUC people and stories, and strategically placed CTAs to encourage donations, e-commerce, social shares, in-person engagement, and user generated content. I was also responsible for providing detailed annotations to ensure proper handoff to both the client and developers.