UX/Visual Design


Role: Digital Product Intern

What I did: interviewed and surveyed internal stakeholders, synthesized user insights, wrote user stories, created wireframes and mockups 

Browser Copy@2x.png

Bedpost is an e-commerce tool used primarily by the Operations and Customer Experience (CX) teams at Casper to monitor and update inventory at warehouses, manage shipping issues, and check tracking and batching. The pain points many of Bedpost's users express include inefficient navigation, lack of informational hierarchy, and unclear functionality.

I designed an experience for Bedpost that is intuitive, user-friendly, and built to handle a constantly growing number of warehouses and inventory. 


In the user research stage, I conducted 8 in-person interviews and surveyed 20 internal stakeholders and users. Users were primarily concerned with navigation, organizational hierarchy, search, and having the functionality needed to do their job. You can read a more in-depth reflection on synthesizing my user research here.


Bedpost's current nav bar, featuring long, time-consuming dropdown lists and disorganized categories.


Redesigned nav bar: grouped relevant pages into warehouses, shipments, products, made warehouses dropdown horizontal instead of vertical to reduce scrolling time


Bedpost's current individual warehouse overview page


The redesigned warehouse overview page featured important actions consolidated into one menu at the top right, expandable inventory table, and a new layout.


Current direct shipments page with disorganized filters


Redesigned direct shipments page: filters grouped into four columns for faster/more efficient text entry, ability to close/show filter bar, sticky headers for search results

Landing View.jpg

A dynamic Message Ships By Dates tool. Previously, there was no resource in Bedpost for Operations to update the dates that certain products at certain warehouses would be able to ship out; this internal functionality was needed for CX to be able to accurately and quickly tell customers when a product would be back in stock and available to ship. 


At the end of my internship, I managed to have two features I designed for shipped, and created a Bedpost usability report as a resource for engineers and designers on the Internal Tools team.